Create and Send Your CV Anywhere, Quickly


Create your CV

By asking the right questions, we offer the easiest way to create a CV. We take care that all the information is included, and all the fact are there.

Standardised Templates

The templates we offer are created using international best practices for CVs. They're easy to scan, short, and contain all the information needed. By offering multiple different templates, we allow you to chose one that suits your personality and the way you'd like to present yourself best.
Send your CV Anywhere

Send your CV Anywhere

We offer the quickest possible way to send your CV to anyone, anywhere in the world, even when you're on your mobile. This allows you to react to opportunities better than ever before amd maximise your chances of getting that job.

Pin-Up Jobs Integration

As a Proudly Namibian effort, we integrate very tightly with Pin-Up Namibia. Users of Pin-Up Jobs can apply to jobs advertised there with their latest CV from us, with one click.
Passive job hunting

Passive Job Hunting

We offer employment agencies a powerful search engine to look for suitable candidates for positions they have. This makes the job hunt easier than ever. Worried about security? Only members that opt to have their information searchable can be found.

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